Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Recommended by the I Love Books Club...

Due to there being a volleyball tournament after lunch, the I Love Books Club decided to postpone our Superhero themed meeting. Instead of sporting costumes today, we're to gather after school on Wednesday, October 14th, as our hero of choice. This will work better since an after school get-together will last longer than an afternoon greet. Parents, please sign your child's permission slip so they may attend.

So... what did we do today?

First off, we created an attention chant; it's super cool. Ready?

I yell "Whoop-Whoop!"

Then Members yell "Books-Books!"

We're brilliant!

Next, everyone pulled a special book from the library's shelves which they would recommend to other readers in the school. We have our very own rack in the library! These cool favs are stickered with the club member's names who love them. We're spreading the book love :)

I kind of cheated... I think I have four books on the rack...

This rack will be changed monthly, so if you're wanting something spectacular, but don't know where to start... check out the I Love Books Club recommendations!

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